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Greensboro couple getting divorcedGetting a divorce is a very stressful experience, even though it is more commonplace for marriages to end that way in recent years. For some people, getting a divorce is a necessary step to preserve the welfare of an individual and their family as a whole. In addition to the personal and emotional challenges of getting a divorce, the legal process can be a challenge for people to understand and follow.

If you are looking for experienced legal counsel to help you get through the difficulties of your divorce, look no further than Hartsoe & Associates. Our skilled divorce attorneys have served the residents of Greensboro when it comes to the legal aspects of getting a divorce.

You can count on our attorneys to guide you through issues such as:

We understand that divorce cases often involve deeply personal and intimate issues in a person’s life that are usually kept private. That is why our legal team holds your experience, personal needs, and concerns in the highest regard.

Reasons why individuals and families in Greensboro turn to Hartsoe & Associates for divorce advocacy include:

  • Responsive legal services
  • Accessible advice and representation
  • Years of legal experience
  • Compassionate and results-oriented advocacy

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Absolute Divorce Under North Carolina Law

North Carolina has extensive and comprehensive laws regarding the divorce process. Most couples file for deserve on “no-fault” grounds. This means that a person can obtain a legal divorce without alleging facts that amount to wrongdoing or fault committed by the other party. No-fault divorce relaxes the legal requirements for retrieving a divorce judgment from the court and helps minimize costly and intense courtroom litigation.

No-fault divorce requirements include:

  • 6 Month Residency: Either the party seeking the divorce, or their spouse must have been a North Carolina resident for at least six months.
  • Marriage: The parties must be in a legal marital relationship.
  • Living separate and apart: The parties must have lived separate and apart for at least one year.
  • No intent to resume the marital relationship: The spouses must not intend to resume their relationship.

Divorce from Bed & Board

Although modern legal trends have made no-fault divorce readily available to couples, North Carolina still recognizes fault-based divorce grounds. Unlike absolute divorce, divorce from bed and board requires a party to support their allegations with evidence that the other party has committed a specific wrong, which warrants the dissolution of their marriage.

Fault-based divorce grounds in North Carolina include:

  • Abandonment: When a person willfully and nonconsensually ends cohabitation with their spouse without the intent to resume and without provocation, it is grounds for divorce.
  • Wrongful Turning Out of Doors: Similar to abandonment, a spouse who was wrongfully evicted by the other spouse may seek a divorce on this ground.
  • Cruel Treatment: Someone who is subjected to cruel treatment by their spouse such that it threatens their life, they may obtain a divorce as a result.
  • Adultery: When a married individual engages in extramarital sexual relations with a person who is not their spouse, it is grounds for divorce.
  • Substance Abuse: A person who abuses substances—including alcohol and drugs—may seek relief by getting a divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is North Carolina a No Fault Divorce State?

North Carolina is a hybrid state, meaning that it recognizes both fault and no-fault divorces. So you could divorce your spouse if you’re facing irreconcilable differences, or you could divorce them on the grounds of their marital misconduct.

Who Gets the House in a Divorce in NC?

It depends on if the house is considered marital property or not. If it is marital property, then it is subject to equitable, or fair, division. A Greensboro divorce lawyer can help you determine if your house is marital or separate property.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in North Carolina?

A divorce can take anywhere from 90 days to a year or more. The timeline of your divorce depends on how many issues you and your spouse can agree on. The less contested issues there are in your divorce, the faster the process will be.

Promoting the Rule of Law & Christian Values for Greensboro Families

At Hartsoe & Associates, we proudly represent the interests of North Carolina residents and their families when it comes to divorce issues. In addition to fostering the rule of law, we promote a higher spiritual order founded on Christian values. While secular laws govern the legal rights and responsibilities of you and your family, we also help guide our clients through compassion to help preserve and heal family relationships.

Please contact our office online to schedule an appointment regarding the legal rights and interests of you and your family.

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