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Preserving Important Family Relationships in North Carolina

Parent with custody of childWhen a dispute arises between the parents of a minor child—or other parties claiming rights and responsibilities regarding the child’s care or control—legal proceedings can grow in emotional intensity. Not only are the vital relationships between a parent and their child at stake, but a custodial arrangement can have a lasting impact on the child’s developmental needs.

At Hartsoe & Associates, you can benefit from the experienced legal advice and advocacy that our Greensboro child custody attorneys offer. We are committed to helping you endure the personal hardships associated with your legal dispute through quality legal counsel and representation, as well as compassionate and responsive persona support. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive advice and advocacy so you will be are armed with enough information to confidently make important legal decisions for yourself and your children.

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Quality Advice & Advocacy for Child Custody Cases

When the parents of a minor child decide to get a divorce, one of the most important issues to resolve concerns the allocation of their parental rights and responsibilities regarding the custody, care, and control of their children. In North Carolina, as well as other jurisdictions, the law focuses the inquiry of child custody around the minor child’s best interests.

When deciding issues of child custody, North Carolina will consider several factors relating to the child’s best interest, including:

  • Ability to foster stability: Courts will consider a parent’s ability to promote stability for their children.
  • Financial security: A judge will take into account the financial resources and responsibilities of a parent when determining what custodial arrangement serves a child’s best interests.
  • Current home environment: The environment at the child’s current home may be an important consideration when deciding custody matters.
  • The child’s wishes: At times, the court may consider the child’s preference if the child has demonstrated sufficient maturity and judgment regarding the issue.
  • History of abuse: A key consideration regarding the child’s best interests concerns any history of abuse involving the child or their parent and other family or household members.

Although North Carolina statutory law does not specifically define “custody,” courts try to fashion a custody award that is tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, most custody arrangements can classified under certain categories based on the schedule living arrangements of the child and the legal authority a parent can exercise on behalf of their child.

Different Types of Custody

Custody categories include:

  • Legal custody: This term is used in reference to the rights and responsibilities of a parent in marking integral decisions that affect a child’s life, including health, education, religious instruction, and extracurricular activities. In some custodial arrangements, each parent may have the right to be consulted before making such decisions. This arrangement is known as “joint legal custody.”
  • Joint physical custody: The rights and duties of a parent or other party who physically resides with a child are known under the term “physical custody.” If a child spends a significant part of their time with one parent, that parent is said to have “primary physical custody.” If a child lives exclusively with one parent over the other, that parent has “sole physical custody.”
  • Visitation: In cases where the court appoints a party with primary or sole custodial rights, the other parent may have the right to spend time with their child on certain dates—such as holidays or vacations. Visitation rights are also known as “secondary custody.”

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You deserve quality legal representation and advocacy when it comes to legal matters affecting your rights and relationships with your children. At Hartsoe & Associates, we are committed to promoting those rights and relationships for our clients. Your connection to your children should not be threatened by court proceedings. Unfortunately, a person who does not have professional experience may be unprepared to preserve their rights when it comes to child custody. You can count on our legal to zealously advocate for your rights so you can rest easy knowing that your child’s best interests are in good hands.

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