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Alimony Attorneys in North Carolina

An Important Issue in the Divorce Process

Are you concerned about whether the alimony award will be sufficient to meet your financial needs? Perhaps you are seeking to protect yourself from your spouse's extravagant alimony request or you worry your spouse will allege marital fault to sway the court's decision in ordering financial support. Hartsoe & Associates can help you with these and other alimony-related concerns.

Divorce brings about an extremely volatile time in your life. One of the most significant challenges you will face is transitioning from one household to two – and navigating the financial implications of this major life step.

We understand you may have several questions about alimony (or about palimony if you are unmarried, but cohabiting). Our Winston-Salem divorce attorneys can answer your questions and passionately serve as your trusted advocates.

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What You Need to Know About Alimony

In North Carolina, alimony is awarded on a case-by-case basis. Many people may not realize that alimony is not warranted in every situation. Nor does it follow a set formula when awarded. It is a case-specific issue that can be determined through an agreement or by the court.

When brought to the court, the court will evaluate 15 factors to determine:

  • If alimony/spousal support is warranted
  • What form of support should be awarded
  • How long support should be paid
  • How much alimony/spousal support should be paid

These factors range from the length of the marriage and the employability of each spouse to contributions to the marriage and even marital fault.

While most people understand alimony to be a sum of money that is paid on an ongoing basis by one spouse to the other, there are many situations where alimony is paid in a lump sum, such as a payout as part of a property settlement agreement.

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At Hartsoe & Associates, we understand the process of making important decisions that have real-world consequences. Our attorneys are committed to giving you the guidance you need to make informed choices. We will strive to go the extra mile to protect your personal and financial interests.

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