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Jeremy R. Swindlehurst

Associate Attorney

Jeremy Ross Swindlehurst is a litigator with over 14 years’ experience in complex cases ranging from medical malpractice to commercial litigation to child custody. Jeremy enjoys the personal side of law –talking through difficult personal situations and experiences.

“People who come to see me need advice, but also need to talk. Talking through the situation lets clients get things off their chest while helping me know what I can take off their plate. Hiring an attorney is not just about duking it out in court, it’s about hiring someone to handle your problems, so you can redirect your energy back to what matters most—your family, your business, your life.”

Jeremy grew up in Boron, California. He cleaned his father’s dentist office while in high school, where his father more than once taught him the value of doing it right by dragging him about of bed at 1:00 in the morning to return to the office and vacuum all the way into the corners or to put the operatory chairs on the correct side. Per Jeremy, “Dad was not a do-the-job-half-way kind of guy.”

One of less than 40 to graduate from Boron Junior-Senior High School in 1995 (Go Cats!), he went on to Brigham Young University, where he found himself yet again a professional janitor as he pursued his undergraduate degree in business, with an emphasis in information systems. Jeremy’s having essentially majored in spreadsheets gives him substantial nerd credibility – not interesting at parties, but exactly what you want in an attorney.

After moving to North Carolina, Jeremy attended law school at Wake Forest. He insists that this bio include the fact that he got a small award, a “CALI” award, for having the highest grade in one of his classes.

“Getting a CALI award for the highest grade in any class at Wake Forest Law is a genuine feat of brilliance, and I always wanted one. Finally pulling it off in my last semester after thousands of hours of studying law over three years was deeply satisfying. I plan to have my CALI award noted my on tombstone.”

Jeremy’s legal career since then has been broad, everything from traffic tickets to commercial litigation, trade secrets to executive misconduct, breach of contract to religious discrimination, family law to medical malpractice.

Jeremy enjoys working at Hartsoe & Associates. “After five years of poring over medical records in my office, and then a year-and-a-half of working at home during Covid with noise-cancelling headphones at my dining room table, meeting each day with clients in person has been wonderful. Every day I meet a new and interesting person, and I love meeting new people—even on their worst days. Which, as it happens, is usually the situation when I meet them, because people without problems rarely need a lawyer.”

Jeremy’s newest interest is in estate planning. “Estate planning is uniquely driven entirely by the client’s wishes rather than needs or someone else’s threats. What do they want? What’s their vision of their preferred future for their family? You find that out, then craft a plan that makes it happen. It’s a lot more like being a chef than a gladiator. I like helping people get exactly what they want and setting things in order, so they can stop worrying about how things will go once they’ve passed.”

Jeremy has two teenage boys and a patient and loving wife. He dabbles in music for fun and in automotive repairs out of necessity. He loves driving across the country, even though it takes days, but he does not particularly enjoy the outdoors.

He also takes no pleasure in sports of any kind, even watching them, and will merely nod politely if you bring up any rivalries or the “great game” that recently occurred.

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