What Makes A Product Dangerous?

Despite the many safety regulations that govern the marketplace today, dangerous products still make it into the hands and homes of people across the country on a regular basis.

Countless factors can contribute to unsafe products:

  • Sometimes manufacturers cut corners in an effort to keep costs down and remain profitable. They might fail to conduct thorough enough tests to detect problems. They may overlook a key safety concern or fail to provide adequate warnings.
  • Other times, a one-off defective product slips through quality assurance off the factory line unnoticed.
  • A product's design in and of itself may be dangerous.
  • A product might not have adequate instructions about how to use it properly or warnings about potential dangers.

Any one of these scenarios can lead to a ticking time bomb that, in essence, explodes in the hands of the consumer.

What To Do If You've Been The Victim Of An Unsafe Product

When you've suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one because of a dangerous product, you may feel betrayed. You're likely wondering how such a product could ever have made it onto the shelves. Through the legal system, you can fight to hold the manufacturer, designer and other responsible parties accountable. A successful product liability claim will not only provide you with the compensation you deserve, but also make it less likely that others will suffer the same tragedy.

What exactly is a product liability case? Take a look at some examples of unsafe products.

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