A Better Approach To Child Custody

Conflicts involving children often cause stress and heated arguments. At the Winston-Salem law firm of Hartsoe & Associates, P.C., our main message to divorce clients experiencing conflict related to custody and child support is: This does not have to be a war. There's a better way — one that focuses on reasonable resolutions instead of all-or-nothing battles.

The future of your family is important to us, just as it is important to you.

Our role as your attorneys is to help you understand your realistic options with regard to child support and child custody. Understanding your options will help you make decisions that have the best chance for long-term success — and that are in the best interests of your children

Understanding Child Custody And Visitation

North Carolina family court judges will make child custody and visitation decisions based on their determination of the best interests of the children. Except in cases of abuse and neglect, there is no longer a presumption that the children's mother should have primary custody. Instead, both parents should examine their wishes with regard to parenting time along with the children's preferences and the parents' long-term plans regarding work and living situations.

How these issues are decided matters. A parenting agreement you reach through a negotiated compromise has a better chance of working well in the long run than an arrangement imposed on you by a judge. The process of reaching agreement may be full of emotional turmoil, but it is often worth it.

In addition to traditional family law representation, our law firm offers mediation and arbitration services. Our lead attorney is a certified family law mediator through the state of North Carolina.

Navigating The Challenges Of Child Support

While it may seem that child support is a straightforward issue, this is often not the case. For example, if you believe your spouse is hiding income or is purposefully unemployed or underemployed, we may be able to help trace income sources and construct a strong argument that your spouse should be required to pay more support. Self-employment adds all kinds of challenges to the computation of the amount of income to be plugged into the child support calculation. Our lawyers are familiar with the various ways people might try to suppress or hide income, and we are aggressive about pursuing the necessary information to determine the truth.

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