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5 crimes binge drinking college students might face

On college campuses throughout North Carolina, students attending parties or hanging out with friends at local bars have been known to take things a little far with their consumption of alcohol. In some cases, an individual may consume a large volume of alcohol in a short period of time.

Called binge drinking, this behavior is not only harmful to one's health, it can also lead to criminal consequences in some situations. Here is a list of just five common criminal charges that can arise from an episode of binge drinking:

  1. Assault. Some people are known to become combative and aggressive after consuming alcohol, which has a tendency to lead to altercations with other individuals. In some instances, individuals have been known to start bar fights after an episode of binge drinking, which can lead to assault charges.
  2. Sexual assault. We've all heard stories of college students who have engaged in sexual acts despite the fact that one or both were heavily intoxicated at the time. In the end, there are a number of cases across the state and nation where these instances have resulted in allegations of sexual assault or rape.
  3. Drinking and driving (DUI/DWI). It's not uncommon for people to build up an alcohol tolerance after multiple periods of binge drinking. Because of this tolerance, an individual may not realize they are over the legal limit when they decide to get behind the wheel and drive. As a result, they could face a DUI/DWI charge.
  4. Underage drinking. Individuals over 21 are not the only ones who could face criminal charges because of binge drinking. Even though underage drinking is common on college campuses, it's still a crime in North Carolina and can lead to serious consequences if an individual is convicted.
  5. Providing alcohol to a minor. Anyone who provides alcohol to an underage person who is then involved in an episode of binge drinking may also face criminal charges. If that individual was an employee of a bar or restaurant, the establishment could be held liable under state dram shop laws if the underage individual causes a crash due to their intoxication.

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