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Winston-Salem Workers' Compensation Lawyers

"I thank God for Tony Hartsoe and Associates for helping me get what was due me when I got hurt on the job. If you need help, call Tony Hartsoe and Associates and they will help you."

-- Josephine Sherard

If you are hurt at work, don't be surprised if your employer tells you that you don't need a lawyer to deal with the workers' compensation insurer. While it is true that you are not required to have your own attorney to help you with a workers' compensation claim, we believe that every injured worker benefits from seeking an independent evaluation of the workers' compensation claim.

At the Winston-Salem law firm of Hartsoe & Associates, P.C., our experienced and ethical attorneys will review the circumstances of your injury and give you our honest appraisal of how we can help you maximize your benefits under the workers' compensation system.

Workers' Compensation Cases: When a Lawyer Can Help

If your injury was minor and the workers' compensation doctor approves all necessary medical treatment and time away from work, you may not need much legal assistance. We will tell you straight out if that is our assessment of your case and it will cost you nothing.

Because workers' compensation is a complex subset of labor and employment law, however, an independent evaluation from a lawyer who knows how the workers' compensation system works can be extremely valuable. In fact, EVERY case should be reviewed by an attorney — it is that complicated and that important.

Was your on-the-job injury caused by someone other than your employer? If so, you need Hartsoe & Associate's extensive experience in both the personal injury and workers' compensation claims. There are many situations that can arise in the course of a workers' compensation claim that you are not equipped to deal with on your own, such as:

  • Your employer tells you they have filed all the paperwork for your claim, but you never see it and never hear from the company — your employer says they are handling it.
  • Your employer sends you to THEIR doctor, but you are not satisfied with the care you are receiving
  • Your employer offers you a made-up job that did not exist before your injury in order to return you to work and stop your workers' compensation benefits, promising you can return to your old job once you are completely better.
  • Your employer says you have to return to work or you will be fired, regardless of what your treating doctor says.
  • Your employer makes it clear they do not want you back, and says you cannot return unless you are released to return to work without any restrictions
  • These are just a few of the complex and specialized issues that might come up in a workers' compensation claim. YOU NEED HELP.

Free Consultations — No Fee Unless We Win

In accordance with North Carolina law, we are required to represent workers' compensation claimants on a contingency fee basis. This means that we agree in advance to calculate our attorney fees as a percentage of the total financial award we negotiate on your behalf. We do not get paid unless and until you get a settlement award.

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For answers to your specific questions about how North Carolina workers' compensation law applies to your circumstances, schedule a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. To schedule a confidential meeting with one of our lawyers, call toll-free 336-701-6550 or contact us online.

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